KAKE redesigned Lincoln Park Massage Spa's website back in 2014. We started off by rebranding the site to include a new color palette and selected images that promoted peace and tranquility. Since then, we've completed routine updates to the site's services pages, ensuring that the website maintains fresh and accurate content. 

Color Palatte

KAKE began the design process by selecting a color palette that was representative of the peace and tranquility found within the spa's environment. We choose hues of violet and cream to serve as the primary color system. The violet tone was chosen as a direct reflection of the aroma therapy services offered at the spa, while the cream was selected for it's soft, relaxing qualities.



Web Design

KAKE began the new website redesign by evaluating the state of the current site, and identifying the goals for the new site. We then wired-framed each page of the site for the client to approve and provide feedback for changes. The Lincoln Park Massage Spa website uses the color palette and type styles that were first laid out for the client from the start, and sourced images that suited their line of work. The site is mobile and user friendly, the two site contains links for online booking and online gift certificates.