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KAKE's digital marketing experts are here to help power your brand! Check out some of our social media services below :: 


Social Media Management


KAKE's digital marketing team helps brands share their story through platform-specific content. With optimized captions, trending hashtags, and visually beautiful imagery, KAKE's team of digital marketing experts lead the way in strengthening a brand's core message through social media.

KAKE's Social Media Management packages are carefully tailored to each of our clients needs. We provide all of our potential clients a complimentary social profile assessment, and later, present a detailed proposal of what the KAKE team can do to elevate your brand to the next level. 

Our dedicated digital marketing department is fluent in social trends and are available to work on both organic and paid campaigns. KAKE's team of experts are here to help both large and small businesses navigate and make a splash on all social platforms, from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and Yelp! Start engaging your community today!

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Digital Content Creation


Put your company's best digital foot forward and engage your audience with branded imagery! KAKE's in-house designers work hand-in-hand with our digital marketing team to create fresh new content. We strive to show off your business with beautiful images, videos, and graphics, all the while further establishing your company's digital voice. 

KAKE specializes in :: optimized website copy, blogging, video production, illustration, graphics and more. Our custom digital content is specifically created for social profiles.  

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Maximize the number of unique visitors to your site, and elevate your search engine presence with SEO! The KAKE search engine optimization team provides all our SEO clients with an initial audit to evaluate your site's technical, written content, ease of user navigation, keyword strategy, brand message effectiveness, general user experience, and competitive analysis. 

After completing our digital audit, KAKE moves forward and provides our prospective SEO clients with a consultation reviewing geo-specific and relevant keywords to help further refine our keyword and key-phrase strategy.

KAKE uses branded content to boost your brand's web presence. All our SEO packages require a 6month commitment, which include a dedicated SEO expert and copywriter, and are often paired with a social media posting package. 

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Analytic Reporting


KAKE specializes in social media analytic reporting, including custom reporting for organic and paid advertisements. Extended reporting can be purchased to help further understand your audience, and cater your posting strategy to perfectly match your target audience. KAKE provides custom analytic reporting for all social platforms, including but not limited to :: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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Account Management


Let KAKE be your guide to all things social media management! All our clients are paired with a dedicated account manager, over seeing that all active campaigns generate the best possible results. KAKE's account managers are experts in social media management, including organic and paid social advertising campaigns, creating and maintaining budgets for paid campaigns, as well as keeping a timely posting strategy and schedule. 

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Posting Strategy


The KAKE team is full of expert social media marketers! We're here to provide our clients with advanced social posting strategies guaranteed to ensure your business is actively engaging their communities. Whether you're aiming to aggressively market your brand on social media, or looking to dive into a new platform, KAKE has you covered!

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Pixel Creation & data tracking


One of the strongest marketing tools for data generation is the Facebook pixel. KAKE's digital marketers are experienced in implementing pixels onto our client's sites to track conversions, build a stronger digital audience, and learn more about how users interact within a website. 

The KAKE digital team utilizes custom conversion pixels to gain further audience insights into paid social media campaigns beyond basic Facebook generated results. 

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