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Forward-thinking branding and brand strategy that connects, informs and drives results.


At KAKE, our mission is to develop authentic relationships with our clients and work together to create brands that raise the bar and outperform. Our team is small and agile, strategic and spirited, curious and creative. We’re designers, strategists, and entrepreneurs who are committed to creating impact in everything we do – for our clients, our team, and our city. 

We develop and strengthen brands for forward-thinking companies and organizations. Our work connects businesses with their customers, creating results that inform, inspire and build community.


Art Direction / Brand Strategy / Content Creation / Consulting / Identity & Branding / Print, Digital & Web / Photography / Social Media Marketing / Videography

the team

Nael Shehade partner

With a degree in visual and studio arts and a background in graphic design, Tori considers every brand management challenge a puzzle best unriddled with methodical pragmatism and a careful eye for detail. Tori wears her position’s multifarious roles—concept instigator, discerning tastemaker, pragmatic coach—with impeccable poise. Every suggestion, every counter, every push for “better” is steeped in a fierce thoughtfulness for her clients and their goals. Tori is continually inspired by the work ethic and values of small businesses, making them her ideal form of partnership for collaboration. This makes her the quintessential strategist and brand developer: always on her game, always collaborative, and always listening. Tori’s passion for her clients’ vision makes her an unrivaled partner for their brand and strategy needs, able to coordinate special projects, head-to-toe campaigns and dynamic solutions.

Nael is meticulously organized in his role as client relations director and brings a level of thoughtfulness and deliberation to his projects that enhances the quality of everyone’s work. His cognitive agility, aesthetic perspective, and keen acumen for organization and production is at the center of every KAKE project. His work is well researched, his choices are conscientious, and his approach is rooted in practical business sense. He values supporting small businesses and equipping them with the resources and tools they need to compete with industry leaders. With a strong background in project management and financials and a keen sense for relationship-building, Nael lends his invaluable strategic insights to our initiatives and ensures our entire team has everything they need to deliver exceptional outcomes to our clients. It’s in his well-roundedness that Nael is able to provide invaluable insight and perspective to every client and team project.

Tori Maldonado partner 
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