On-Demand Geofilters are Here!

Community-created Geofilters are one of the coolest editions to Snapchat. As our previous Snapchat blog post explained how to technically layout a new Geofilter and submit onto the app, this time we're focusing on the technical aspect what what you can, and cannot include in a Geofilter. 

There are two key types of Snapchat Geofilters 

  1. Community - filters designed for cities, schools, landmarks, or public locations, no brand logos are allowed
  2. On-Demand - Business focused filters primarily used for events, businesses, or specific locations. Logos are allowed on On-Demand Geofilters

On-Demand Geofilters are further divided into two categories

  1. Personal On-Demand Geofilters - Does not include branding, logos, or promote a business or brand. These are typically used for celebrations like birthdays or graduations.
  2. Business On-Demand Geofilters - Does promote a business or brand, and has to meet set Snapchat Business guidelines which we'll review shortly. 

If you're opting to design your own Geofilter be sure to keep these things in mind ::

  • Files should be 1080 px wide by 1920px tall, under 300kb, saved as a transparent PN
  • Business Geofilter's must include the Business Name. Snapchat will enter your business name exactly as you typed it (to show users that the business provided the image), so be carefully on spelling! Click here for more info
  • Map the area you want your Geofilter displayed carefully. On-Demand Geofilters must be between 20,000 and 5million square feet
  • Pick the dates you want to Geofilter to be active, Geofilters are only active up to 30 days
  • Logos are permitted, as long as you're authorized to use them
  • No photographs of people
  • No contact information including :: phone numbers, emails, URLs, Snapcodes, download instructions, social media handles, personal information 
  • No hashtags
  • No lotteries
  • No more than two lines of text
  • No drug related content
  • Don't cover up most of the screen
  • Make sure it's location relevant 
  • Politically-focused Geofilters must include the line "Geofilter paid for by [insert name of purchaser]" in type that stands at 40px tall with a shadow background around it
  • If the design is still in review, you are allowed to make changes after you submitted
  • Additional information can be found here :: Advertising Policies and Community Guidelines

Most importantly, the graphic must be visually interesting! Be creative and make something that people will want to use! Download our free template and get started today!

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