Designing MiddleTerranean Kitchen :: One Year Later

In late 2014, KAKE was hired to design a "Middle Eastern meets Mediterranean" restaurant in Addison, IL, appropriately named, MiddleTerranean Kitchen. With their one year anniversary approaching, we decided to take a look back on one of our favorite projects. 

First up :: The Logo

The KAKE digital marketing design team brainstormed a fresh, simple, and--of course-- iconic logo for the new restaurant. The first task โ€” crafting a friendly color palate.

Final Color Palate for Middleterranean

After speaking with the owner about the type of cuisine the restaurant would be serving, we knew that the color palate and logo would draw inspiration from coastal and beach hues. We explored monochromatic oranges and reds; eventually settling on a palate of three complementary colors and one high contract color.

Next โ€” the logotype. Opening in a time where an active digital presence is crucial for businesses to grow, we knew that the logo would have to be scale-able, and exist in a perfect square format for social icon purposes. We decided to design a standard logo, then create offshoot variations.

Final Logo

Sticker Logo

Favicon Logo

Photographing and Designing the Menu

Once we had our logo in place, next came photographing the menu items. Photographs were a crucial step in the design process, and weighed heavily when designing the in-store menu, digital menu, and website.

Encompassing the Middle Eastern feel, we chose plates and dishes that resonated with the Mediterranean sensibility. 

After designing the logo and photographing the food, we began designing the menu. The menu itself had to exist in three forms: a printed menu, an electronic menu board in the restaurant, and on the website.

Print Menu

We played around with several different variations of the printed menu before choosing the tri-fold. The natural tri-fold divisions allowed for us to play around with where to place different menu items, making it easier to read and understand.

Digital Menu

The digital menu was a second challenge. The colors chosen for the print menu were not ideal for displaying on screen; as a solution, we decided to use images of the food as a background, while incorporating the same font styles from the printed menu.

Screenshot of Website Menu

Printable versions were uploaded onto the website. A separate menu page was added onto the website, which included a more detailed description of the menu items.

The Website

With a set color palate, printed and digital menus and beautiful food photos, our team moved forward and began to design MiddleTerranean Kitchen's website. The client chose to go with a single-page site, we added a menu bar to the top and bottom of the site for easy navigation.

Screenshot of Homepage

Social Media

A year into opening, MiddleTerranean Kitchen's primary focus is maintaining a fun and colorful social presence. KAKE designs a weekly graphic to post on the restaurant's Facebook and Twitter profiles, along with new food and restaurant photos to allure their digital fan-base on Instagram.

Facebook Profile Picture

Social Media Graphic

Social Media Graphic

Social Media Graphic

Social Media Graphic

Be sure to check out MiddleTerranean Kitchen if you're in the Chicagoland area and like them on social media! #Middleterranean

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