Factors to Consider When Designing Your Website

KAKE knows that websites are crucial to building a brand. To start, even the most basic landing page makes it easier to find an existing business; they essentially serve as your digital storefront. Websites give business owners and companies alike a chance to make a good first impression, and in the digital world, a good first impression can transform a visitor into a new customer. As a digital marketing company, we've decided to break down the basics when it comes to designing your own website. 

The Importance of Good Website Navigation

A crucial component of web design is the basic organization of the website. Establishing a clear tab hierarchy sets the stage for navigating around a site. When considering search engine optimization (SEO), all navigation tabs should be exclusively text-only-links; additionally, adding a second primary-navigation section about halfway through your home page, and on the footer of the website has proven to be an effective method for boosting a site's SEO. 


Single page navigation is just as important as overall website navigation. Users generally decide whether or not to leave a website within the first three (3) seconds of viewing a webpage, so organization of content is key for promoting an increase in visitor duration and lowering user bounce rates.

Bells and Whistles, in Moderation

One of the more noticeable features that can leave your website looking unorganized is having too many graphics. Too many colorful, animated images or videos on a single page are surely going to confuse the viewer and make your website seem cluttered.

Another design option that will quickly turn off your viewers is having music auto-play on your site. While it may seem like a good idea to set the mood with music, ultimately it’s not. Auto-play is a thing of web design's past. For one it’s distracting and often annoying, and if that's not incentive enough, it completely goes against promoting a great user-experience.

Color Palettes on the Web

Color palettes are important for setting the aesthetic for a business digitally. Maintaining a set color palette helps the user connect your business to your brand. If your business already has a set color palette it's important to refer to your web designer and check that the colors you may use in person are applicable on the website. Using web-safe colors are critical in ensuring that your site appears seamless across all platforms, from desktop to cell phone. 


Social Media is King

An often overlooked component is linking your business social media accounts to your website. Clearly marked social media links provide your viewers a gateway to even more information about your business, and helps you grow a connection with your current and potential clients.

The KAKE team knows just how important it is to have a great website. Call us today and learn more about how we can help build your company a beautiful site for your iconic brand! 

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