How to Create a Press Kit for Your Restaurant


In our industry, the beginning of the year is a popular time for businesses to focus on new goals and ambitions for the year. It's a trend for us to have clients old and new contacting us for refreshers to their websites, digital and print materials.

A popular request the past few months has been designing press kits for restaurants and businesses. With that being said, we've decided to write a brief overview of what exactly is a press kit and what to include. Learn more below!

Getting your restaurant or business published is a huge accomplishment. To start, it's a great way to generate free organic traffic to your website and social channels; plus, it's fantastic means of driving in new business.

So, how can restaurant owners make it easier for members of the media to discover more about your business? It all starts with a press kit.

Well, What’s a Press Kit?

A press kit, or media kit, can be a simple page on your website, or downloadable PDF that houses the resources crucial for reporters to access.

A great press kit makes it easy for members of the media to quickly browse your kit and learn all about your restaurant or business. Press kits typically include branded photos, logos, marketing materials and contact information; they essentially make it easy for anyone who wants to  promote your restaurant.

Although press kits won't ensure press for your restaurant, they do make the process easier for those involved. 

The Keys to a Great Press Kit 

The contents of a restaurant press kit may vary, there are, however, a few key essentials.

Include these Essentials

  • Your restaurant's story: Tell your story, include information like how your business came to be, about the owners and their mission.
  • Restaurant facts: When did you open your business, how long have you been in business? Where are you located? What type of restaurant is it? How many customers have you served? Include any interesting facts that can be shared with reporters.
  • High-resolution images of your logo and branding: Make it easy for publishers to use your logo or create graphics using your logo. It helps to provide options. Your media kit should include outlined vector files, high resolution graphics and images; don't forget to include JPEGS and transparent background PNGs. Give more options make your graphics usable for nearly any purpose from digital to print.
  • Team: If there’s anyone else involved in your business besides the owners, share their story, role and explain simply how they got involved in your business.
  • Samples of articles/press: Be sure to include other articles or publications that you or your business have been featured or mentioned in. These can include blog posts, interviews, press releases, print and web articles. Providing these allows those interested in writing about your restaurant a source to work from.
  • Separate press/media email: Include a separate email specifically for members of the press to contact you. For example “”
  • Audio/video features: If your business has been mentioned on a podcast, on the radio, or on a local news station, be sure to link the clip or embed the media in your press kit.
  • Awards/recognition: Share any awards or recognition your restaurant has received.
  • Non-profit and volunteer involvement: Include any charities or non-profit work your restaurant has been involved with.

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