4 Things to Focus on for Black Friday With Your Digital Marketing Plan

As the years go by, the holiday season seems to arrive sooner and sooner. According to Google, 78% of consumers use the Internet for holiday research, and 2015 is anticipated to be the most connected holiday shopping season ever.

With the rise of online and mobile shopping, consumers want the ability to complete their transactions instantly on their mobile devices.

To maximize online sales, be sure to think about the following when planning your Holiday digital marketing strategy:


1.     Pictures, pictures, pictures!

With attention spans shorter than ever, focus on images instead of text. Consumers want to look at an image and know all the details within seconds.

Make sure your images relate to your promotion, are mobile friendly and include alternative tags for better search engine optimization.



2.     Social Media Shopping

Social media platforms including Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram now have tools that allow users to make purchases directly on their sites.

Facebook also recently added a “Shop Now” section that allows users to browse certain products without ever leaving the site.


3.     Snapchat

As all Snapchat users know, the app now includes sponsored filters for certain events around the world. With its increasing popularity, Snapchat is reaching up to 16 million viewers a day.

Although it may be a little pricey with ad costs reaching $700,000 per day, it is a nice reminder for millions of viewers to come shop with you.


4.     In-store Experience On Your Mobile Device

Consumers may not want to shop in store, but they definitely don’t want to miss out on an in-store experience. Having a mobile site that allows consumer interaction is always a plus.

Hashtags and special offers are the most commonly used tools for consumer engagement. Shoppers will be more eager to purchase if they get something in exchange for a post, whether it be a discount code or free samples.


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