Get Ready to See a Lot More Ads in Your Instagram Feed

Previously only open to a select group of brands in the U.S., Instagram advertisements are now available to any company in 30 countries.


Unlike other mobile platforms, Instagram has the ability to target its ads to a very specific audience, thanks to technology and data from its parent company, Facebook, making the experience more enjoyable for users and more profitable for brands.

Maybe that’s why Instagram’s 300 million monthly active users are two and a half times more likely to click on ads than on other social media platforms, or maybe, it’s because Instagram ads have been seamlessly integrated into your feed, almost indistinguishable from un-paid posts.


According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust authentic looking content more than traditional, professional looking ads. When mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, it’s easy to mistake a Starbucks ad for a post from your favorite local barista. A CoverGirl ad can look a lot like a celebrity selfie and a Michael Kors ad can resemble a fashion blogger’s latest photoshoot. The only difference is a “Sponsored” label in place of the time stamp.


Regardless of why Instagram users are so receptive to advertisements, business owners and brand managers undoubtedly have a valuable new marketing tool. Instagram advertisements allow marketers to easily track clicks and conversions with new direct response buttons such as “Buy,” “Install Now” and “Learn More.”

Marcus Pratt, VP of insights and technology at Mediasmith, said, "Any advertiser finding success with Facebook’s mobile news feed or video ads will see Instagram as a natural extension, with the ability to increase scale while applying Facebook’s world-class targeting.”


Instagram advertisements can be a series of four images, a singular image, or a video up to 30-seconds long.

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