Case Study :: Organic - Simply Pure RX


Evanston based compound pharmacy, Simply Pure RX, reached out to KAKE digital marketing in early 2016 looking to showcase their newly opened business.

 As the only independent compound pharmacy in the downtown Evanston area, KAKE knew that expanding their digital presence was a must. Together KAKE and Simply Pure RX developed an aggressive organic and paid social media posting package, highlighting the pharmacy's modern approach to medicine.

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After an initial consultation, KAKE began to manage Simply Pure RX's existing Facebook profile. Together with KAKE's in-house design team, KAKE established a modern, yet friendly visual aesthetic for the brand. The bright vibrant colors used in weekly custom graphics mirror the pharmacy's bold new approach to compound medicine.


Where as bold graphics are used predominantly on Simply Pure RX's Facebook page, the company's Instagram is solely photo-focused. The KAKE digital marketing team takes followers on a weekly visual tour of the pharmacy, day to day on-goings, and engages in their community. KAKE's consistent posting has generated over 1,700 followers within 3 months.


As a platform, LinkedIn is geared towards the professional community. KAKE curates Simply Pure RX's LinkedIn account with a mixture of professional photos, eye catching graphics, and interesting industry-specific articles. By maintaining an active page, constantly interacting with the LinkedIn community, KAKE promotes a strong digital relationship for Simply Pure RX


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