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The Future of Social Media Marketing is Paid Advertising

KAKE remains ahead of the curve with a unique understanding of the digital market place and the benefits platform-sponsored campaigns can have on a brand. KAKE utilizes Facebook advertising, and other paid ad platforms, to push the great content we create for our clients.  

KAKE starts our paid campaigns by evaluating our clients current network, desired audience, budget and competition. After we complete our initial evaluation, we begin to create dynamic advertisements designed see results.


The Promotional Power of Facebook

With more than that one-billion active users, and a billion daily visits to the site, Facebook is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available today. Facebook marketing by nature is highly targetable. Users have the ability to reach different audiences by setting the ad's location, age range, interests and more. This detailed nature of Facebook marketing ensures that your ads are always seen by relevant audiences. 

Another benefit of Facebook advertising is the discrete nature of the digital ad. Facebook's paid advertisements are typically placed within a newsfeed in a style similar to other organic posts. This allows for the ad to appear seamless in the constant stream of information within a newsfeed. The familiar style of the paid ad encourages users to click to learn more.

Facebook paid advertisements can also be structured to appear in other formats. Facebook paid advertisement styles range from suggested page likes, call to action features, sidebar promos, Instagram ads and more. Facebook paid advertisements also change their format according to device, ensuring your image is always seen at its best.

Be sure to reach out to KAKE Chicago digital marketing for all of your paid Facebook advertising questions and needs!


Paid Platforms :: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest


Doris italian Market & Bakery

With an active organic Facebook following, Florida-based Doris Italian Market used targeted Facebook ads to hone in on their fans. Knowing their audience, KAKE was able to reach Doris' digital followers and expand their reach through targeted Facebook Ads. KAKE highlighted Doris' location, weekly specials, and engaged their customer base through carefully crafted contests and digital ad campaigns. 

Lacuna Artist Lofts 2150 s. canalport

Lacuna Lofts approached KAKE in efforts of collaborating to rebrand the building’s digital presence and increase new tenants through social media campaigns. With full creative discretion, KAKE created a weekly paid Instagram ads based around rebranding the building. Lacuna wanted to take to a new approach, specifically in highlighting the building as extraordinary workspaces for creative companies.

howard's tv & appliance

As a TV and Appliance giant in California, Howard's wanted to expand their audience reach by exploring a new paid advertisement platform, Pinterest. In addition to their Facebook paid advertisements, Pinterest felt like a natural progression for the company, with it's reach for a female centric audience interested in appliance design. KAKE set Howard's Pinterest paid ad campaigns to correspond the current sales at their in-store locations. 


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