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Chisme Cantina

Chisme Cantina is a neighborhood cantina serving meat, pescatarian and vegan-friendly tacos, salad bowls and sides to San Francisco's Lower Nob Hill.

the challenge

In the hyper-competitive quick service restaurant industry, getting customer experience right matters more than ever. As part of a broader brand identity transformation, we helped Chisme Cantina make sure all their customer touchpoints were hitting the mark by devising a completely new recipe for success – everything from food menu design and creation to the restaurant’s internal layout and design. It’s now delivering meaningful interactions that are helping them delight customer—and grow revenue—every day.

How to make sure every taco hits the mark?

How we helped

Building a recipe for success, layer by layer

The visual identity

Using our deep experience of both organizational design and personalization, we helped Chisme Cantina develop a brand identity that was both differentiated and appealing. Our marketing strategy included creating a logo that gave Chisme Cantina a visual identity and leveraging social media to promote and grow brand awareness. 

How can we broaden our reach?

We used this brand to help Chisme Cantina stand out in an area already saturated with ordinary fast-casual restaurants by creating a unique food menu that was both tailored to the needs and desires of appetites in the area, yet inclusive for all types of customers both in the area and beyond. And we even embedded the brand into the design of the menu itself.

Connecting the visual to the physical

In continuing to turn the ordinary into extraordinary, we also designed the layout and interior décor of Chisme Cantina to ensure any customer’s experience with the brand started from the moment they walked through the door. We started by picking out the physical materials and colors that complimented the brand best. After creating the logo design, a Chicago-based artist fashioned the physical logo that marks the exterior of the restaurant. We connected with a San Francisco-based artist to created a mural inside the restaurant that embodies Chisme Cantina’s youthful brand and style.

Expanding the impact

The final steps to Chisme Cantina’s recipe for success included making merchandise, creating business cards, and designing employee uniforms so that the visual identity was tied into every aspect of a customer’s experience. 

In the end, we helped ensure that Chisme Cantina had everything it needed to make every moment matter for every customer.

The results


Chisme Cantina has been open for more than 5 years


Chisme has earned more than 400 5-star customer reviews


Restaurant sales have steadily increased each year since 2017

Growing revenue with a culture of continuous experience

Within weeks of opening, Chisme Cantina saw benefits. By incorporating the brand into every area of the customer experience, customers can develop a brand loyalty. It’s a completely new set of ingredients for delighting customers – and growing revenue.

This ensures Chisme Cantina can focus on things that really matter, like the Art Walk, where Chisme Cantina contributes to a collaboration with different artists in the area by donating food or offering discounts for the Art Walk participants as well as local charaties.

We continue to partner with Chisme Cantina to support their branding and marketing through staging and photographing content for their website and social media accounts.

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