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CASE STUDY | Artex Roofing 

After building their brand over the past decade, Artex Roofing needed to update their digital content. KAKE worked closely with Artex Roofing to design a new responsive website for the Chicago south suburban roofing company.

KAKE photographed and filmed the roofing team on-site, and worked to develop a successful local marketing strategy for the company. 


KAKE's approach to on-site photography was a combination of action photos, close-ups, and overhead drone shots. We took photos throughout the work day, ensuring that we captured the entire before and after process of the job. 

Print Collateral 

In addition to a new website, Artex Roofing pushed their rebrand into new updated print materials. KAKE designed a simple double-sided flyer for the roofers, along with a simple black and white newspaper advertisement. 

postcard- back (click for details)

Newspaper ad - (click for details)


KAKE filmed a short process video for Artex Roofing. Shot on-site with a drone, KAKE offers a unique over-head perspective for potential Artex clients.

Local Search Engine Optimization

In addition to designing a responsive website, KAKE ensured that the new site would be fully optimized to boost their local search presence. Artex Roofing is one of the top search results for their target keywords.

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