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Days of Eid

Days of Eid is a female-owned home and holiday décor company based in Chicago, Illinois.

the challenge

Differentiated décor meets differentiated branding and advertising

Chicago-based home and holiday décor company Days of Eid needed a content strategy to vie with big brand name companies for the attention of customers, so it hired KAKE to devise and implement a solution. We began by developing a website and logo redesign to help the brand stand out, as well as new website and social media content. We strategized new marketing and advertising campaigns to broaden their social media and online reach. KAKE planned and executed various new pattern designs for products including trays, coasters, tablecloths, paper plates and bowls under Days of Eid’s Home Collections. 

A brand revamp

Engineering fresh ways to reach their clients

What went in to rebranding?

Using the home decor products Days of Eid offers we were able to create a new logo and website for them that matches the feeling and design of the products they offer. A key foundation of Days of Eid is that the company is owned and operated by women, with their target audience being female based. We kept this in mind while recreating their brand, making their logo and website more attractive to their target customer.

Going the extra mile

We fostered a close, professional relationship with them which made it possible for us to understand their expectations when it comes to the quality of design of the products they offer. This made it possible for us to design the patterns put to use on their Days of Eid's Home Collection line.

Marketing Strategies

We worked with them to highlight a new product each month, developing new holiday campaign ideas, and staging photos for marketing across social media platforms and the website.

The results

Middleterranean has been open for more than 6 years


Middleterranean proved its stand alone concept, and is taking the steps to open a second location


Middleterranean has continued to be profitable year after year


Showing growth and expansion

The ongoing project continues to meet Days of Eid’s short- and long-term branding and marketing objectives. 

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