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The results

Middleterranean has been open for more than 6 years


Middleterranean proved its stand alone concept, and is taking the steps to open a second location


Middleterranean has continued to be profitable year after year


Showing growth and expansion

In continuing to differentiate Middleterranean Kitchen, we work with them to design new marketing materials, and stage and photograph restaurant highlights such as new specials to keep the branding and marketing current across all social media platforms and their website.

Building a strong legal brand

By creating a unique and recognizable brand, Ramadan & Associates was able to establish themselves as leaders in their field, and build trust with potential clients

Another important consideration was the firm's logo. The logo was simple and easy to read, we paired it with a bold sans serif font to reinforce the firm's sense of authority.


Next, we made sure the law firm's branding was consistent across all channels. From website to business cards, we created branded banner graphics and planned monthly firm photoshoots to share across all social platforms. 


By taking the time to create a cohesive brand identity, we were able to connect with potential clients and build trust and brand recognition within their target audience.

Designing the Firm's Brand Identity

Creating a brand identity for a Ramadan & Associates was our first step in the branding process. Law firms are often seen as a traditional, clinical industry. Our focus was to create a brand identity that is both professional and approachable. One key element is choosing the right color palette.


In our exploratory research, we found that most law firms are often associated with darker tones and stock imagery. We knew that adding a pop of color would help to set the firm apart from their competition.

Ramadan & Associates

Law firm branding + Social media marketing

It's no secret that law firms are generally resistant to embracing social media and social media marketing. After all, law is a traditional industry, and many firms are reluctant to change their tried-and-true marketing methods. The truth is, social media can be a powerful tool for law firms. When done properly, social media can help law firms connect with potential clients, build relationships, and even generate leads. That's why when Ramadan and Associates began researching ways to differentiate their newly created firm, they came to KAKE. 

personal injury website design | KAKE Chicago

Personal Injury Website Funnel

Law Firm Websites Designed for Client Conversions

A website is often the first point of contact between a law firm and a potential client.


When it came time to design the firm's website, we prioritized prominently displayed contact forms on the site's homepage.

We created custom landing pages for the firm, focused on their prospective client's particular pain points. These pages were specific to each area of practice and the geographic areas they serve. We designed these pages to have multiple opportunities for site visitors to contact the firm for assistance.

business law firm website design | KAKE Chicago

Business Law Website

Podcast Strategy

Why start a law firm podcast?

After years of highlighting client cases with the firm's founder, and studying the engagement and feedback on this type of social content, we saw an opportunity to fulfill the demand for more of this type of content.


Creating a podcast was the logical next step in our content strategy. We created a podcast marketing plan to continue to sharing these stories with a wider audience.


Our approach was to work with the firm's previous clients and peers to leverage a new audience. Each episode focused on a new business or legal-related issue with a current or previous client. The podcast provided a way to organically give a voice to the legal challenges business owners face, while marketing the firm as a resource.

Content that tells a story

Creating sharable content

In a market as competitive as the legal industry, order to get Ramadan & Associates noticed by an emerging digital audience we turned to social media in the early aughts of Instagram and Facebook marketing.


In 2013 Ramadan & Associates was one of the few law firms in Chicago actively posting on social media. We started by creating a keyword-focused posting strategy. By researching popular industry-related search content, we would produce shareable infographics, photos and videos created specifically for social media.

We'd post colorful branded images on Instagram with corresponding blog and longer vlog links tagged in the firm's bio so viewers could click for more information. The posts were both niche to their target audience, and worked to tell wider brand story.

With social media algorithms constantly changing, we honed in on our social media strategy to focus on clearly defined content pillars. The brand message reinforced that Ramadan & Associates was not like the traditional stereotypes of law firm's past. We highlighted the back story of the firm's principal attorney, the stories of the client's he represents, and navigating the issues business owners face in Chicago.

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