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Heritage Chicago Caviar Bar | Restaurant Branding | KAKE

Heritage Restaurant & Caviar Bar

Located in Chicago's Ukrainian Village neighborhood, Heritage is a chic, chef-owned restaurant known for its rotating menu.

the challenge

Refined taste meets ingenuity

To build a brand identity that fit their vision and taste, Heritage Restaurant and Caviar Bar turned to KAKE. 

Building a brand identity

From scratch

Turning dreams to reality

We started our work with Heritage before they opened their doors to the public in 2017. We helped them decipher their creative dreams and turned them into a tangible brand identity that is representative of the food they serve, drinks they craft and dining experience they provide.

Crafting an understated color way

We tailored the brand’s color palette to reflect the city in which the restaurant is based – Chicago – by incorporating the flag’s red and blue tones into every design aspect. Heritage’s unique brand serves as an attractor for guests and locals alike. 

We helped set them apart from the pack

We designed and created various menu layouts as well as business cards. A newly designed website by KAKE incorporates Heritage’s brand and reveals their core brand values. 

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