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Rio's Addison

Rio’s is a South American fine dining restaurant located in the Chicago area.

the challenge

Creating an elevated look

When Rio’s was ready to highlight their unique vision for trailblazing food, they looked to KAKE to capture it. To elevate and amplify the Rio’s brand, KAKE illustrated and designed menus and business cards.  

Restaurant Branding

Building a digital identity to match a fine dining atmosphere

How did we tailor the website to help enhance the guests' experience?

Featuring beautiful and bold photography, we also created a responsive website experience that allows Rio’s patrons to look up menus, make a reservation and schedule their events on the go.

How do we help clients stay relevant?

Our work with Rio's is anchored by ongoing social media marketing and brand awareness through photos of the immaculate food and drinks, guaranteeing up-to-date content for a constantly evolving, always relevant restaurant.

Hands on work

We were there every step of the way when it came to branding and marketing. We spent copious amounts of time in the restaurant with their employees so we could successfully translate the look and feel to a digital platform and online marketing campaigns. 

The results

Middleterranean has been open for more than 6 years


Middleterranean proved its stand alone concept, and is taking the steps to open a second location


Middleterranean has continued to be profitable year after year


Showing growth and expansion

In continuing to differentiate Middleterranean Kitchen, we work with them to design new marketing materials, and stage and photograph restaurant highlights such as new specials to keep the branding and marketing current across all social media platforms and their website.

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