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Middleterranean Kitchen is a fast-casual Middle Eastern and Mediterranean restaurant located in the Chicago area.

the challenge

How to make an impact in a demanding industry?

The quick service restaurant industry is increasingly focusing on the opportunities presented by marketing transformations. Many are embracing new ideas that enhance the quality of the customer experience, delivering more of what consumers are clamoring for. We helped Middleterranean Kitchen take advantage of these opportunities by transforming everything from their logo and food menu design to the restaurant’s website content and social media branding. All these things combined enabled high-quality customer experiences and ultimately helped Middleterranean Kitchen stand out among their competition.

How we helped

Designing a shareable identity

The visual identity

KAKE developed a recognizable brand identity that would enable Middleterranean to stand out in their competitive industry.

A core strategy we used was to continuously reinforce the brand through its color palette in print materials, digitally on their website and email blasts, and across social media within photos and videos in order to promote and grow brand awareness on an innate level.

Driving repeat business

Using in-store sales data, we built a customer segmentation strategy to establish buyer personas for new promotions and social media marketing campaigns. The restaurant sales data allowed us to create email campaigns that could attract new customers while retaining the current customer base.

Connecting the visual to the physical

Establishing a committed customer base starts with the high-quality of food Middleterranean makes. We worked with the restaurant owners to create additional specialized menus in order to cater to their growing number of vegan and vegetarian diners, as well as clear labels to identify Halal-certified dishes.

The results

Showing growth during a pandemic

2020 was one of the most challenging times in recent history, and while most industries were encouraged to adapt to the social distance recommendations, few industries were hit harder than the restaurant and hospitality business. While navigating the frequently changing dine in restrictions and increased 3rd party delivery app fees, KAKE worked with the owners of Middleterranean Kitchen to create their own online order system to encourage visitors to support the local business directly.

Using data generated from the online ordering system, KAKE developed an online ordering restaurant funnel to continue to track and convert new website visitors into sales. By monitoring metrics such as time of order, most popular items, repeat customers, and others, we are able to create social media, email promotions, and in-store marketing campaigns to continue to push our website sales traffic.

Middleterranean's online sales continue to increase and the restaurant no longer uses third-party apps to fulfill orders. They now operate entirely on in-store sales and online pick up orders.

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