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Middleterranean Kitchen is a fast-casual Middle Eastern and Mediterranean restaurant located in the Chicago area.

the challenge

How to make an impact in a demanding industry?

The quick service restaurant industry is increasingly focusing on the opportunities presented by marketing transformations. Many are embracing new ideas that enhance the quality of the customer experience, delivering more of what consumers are clamoring for. We helped Middleterranean Kitchen take advantage of these opportunities by transforming everything from their logo and food menu design to the restaurant’s website content and social media branding. All these things combined enabled high-quality customer experiences and ultimately helped Middleterranean Kitchen stand out among their competition.

How we helped

Designing a shareable identity

The visual identity

Using our breadth of experience in both branding and marketing, we helped Middleterranean Kitchen develop a unique brand identity that would enable them to stand out in their industry. Our marketing strategy included creating branding and a logo that gave Middleterranean Kitchen a visual identity and leveraging social media to promote and grow brand awareness.

How can we differentiate the brand?

Another cornerstone of the marketing strategy was to help Middleterranean Kitchen stand out in an area already saturated with restaurants with similar cuisines by creating a unique menu design that embodied the brand through its vibrant colors.

Connecting the visual to the physical

The final steps to making Middleterranean Kitchen stand out amongst its competition included creating business cards, developing ideas for flyers for certain promotions or holiday specials, and designing website content to both attract new customers and retain the current customer base.

The results

Middleterranean has been open for more than 6 years


Middleterranean proved its stand alone concept, and is taking the steps to open a second location


Middleterranean has continued to be profitable year after year


Showing growth and expansion

In continuing to differentiate Middleterranean Kitchen, we work with them to design new marketing materials, and stage and photograph restaurant highlights such as new specials to keep the branding and marketing current across all social media platforms and their website.