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CASE STUDY | middleterranean 

KAKE was hired to design a "Middle Eastern meets Mediterranean" restaurant concept in Addison, IL, appropriately named, MiddleTerranean Kitchen. The project included developing a friendly 'coastal themed' color palate, corresponding logos for print, web, and social media use; along with corresponding branding materials such as business card, menus, flyers. 

Update : It's been nearly two years since we first launched Addison fast casual dining staple, Middleterranean. Read our in-depth case study here.

Logos & Watermark Design

The Middleterranean's colorful logo was designed to maintain its legibility whether scaled up or down. There is no location incorporated into the design, allowing the option for the brand to expand or be franchised. 



Middleterranean Kitchen uses a combination of serif and sans serif fonts. Baron Neau is used for headings, while slab serif Archer is used for body text, and Archer Italic is for captions. 


Color Palette

Middleterranean uses a warm coastal inspired color palate. Monochrome hues of blue along with sea-foam greens and yellow dominate the restaurant's print and digital designs. 


Print Design 

KAKE evolved the logo design process onto developing additional print materials. Since opening, we've designed both double-sided and tri-fold menus, along with business cards and comment cards. In recent months KAKE has also designed catering menus, direct mailers and special flyers for the restaurant.

To-go-menu - front (click for details)

To-go-menu - front (click for details)

Business Card Design

comment card - (click for details)

comment card - (click for details)

The restaurant has a simple double-sided business card, applying the friendly-coastal inspired color palate and serif+san serif typographic style. 

business card - front (click for details)

business card - back (click for details)

Digital Menu Design

Middleterranean uses a digital menu board at their dine-in location. KAKE designed simple digital menus that utilize the same color palate and type-styles found within the other print materials, while incorporating photos of the menu items. 

Merchandise Design

KAKE designed the merchandise for Middleterranean as well. The restaurant uses a simplified white version of the logo on both uniform tshirts and hats. 


Social Media Content

In addition to print content, KAKE designed the digital assets for Middleterranean. Below are examples of social media profile images, banner images, and promotional graphics.


Food Photography

KAKE manages and curates all of Middleterranean's photographic and video content. Combining overhead, staged and location images, KAKE creates a warm and inviting visual aesthetic. 

Content Creation 

KAKE continues to manage the Middleterranean social media accounts including : Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. KAKE plans, creates and schedules content for the restaurant, highlighting weekly specials and new menu items.

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